Coffee Fundraisers

How Do Terra Verde Coffee Fundraisers Work?

Terra Verde Coffee fundraisers are easy to conduct and profitable. Your organization sells small batch, artesian, fresh roasted coffee. Coffee is priced for about the same price a customer would spend in the grocery store. Private labeling is available for easy identification of your organization.
Fundraising customers can earn residual income through monthly coffee clubs to generate reorders and you keep making money for your organization year long!

Getting Started

Choose a program option or combination of programs. We advise you to first discuss your options with our fundraising program representative, so that we can answer all your questions.

You will need:

  • Sales Tax Except Number and filled form.
  • Fill out Terra Verde Fundraiser set up form.
  • To submit art work for label.

You will receive:

  • Step by step instructions and selling materials.
  • A tour of our facility.
  • A coffee roasting demo for your group.

*If you are not in close vicinity and are unable to attend, don’t worry, we can train you over the telephone.

Program Options

We offer several program options for you to choose from or combine to create the most successful fundraising program for your organization. Below is a list of each of the program options and how they work.


A pre-sale is the standard fundraising option for most groups.

  • It’s as easy as sign up, receive your groups sales packets and start selling.
  • Your organization determines the sales period, one to two weeks is standard.
  • Team members then take orders from family and friends during the designated sales period, and return the sales forms to the fundraising coordinator.
  • The fundraising coordinator then calculates the total, and places a group order. Your group will receive your order in 1 week from the date of submission.
  • Team members then distribute the orders to the customers.

Product In-Hand Sale

Sometimes, groups like to place a pre-order so that participants can have the product available right when their customer is purchasing it.
This method works great for groups who would like to sell outside grocery stores or at sporting events, for example.

Recurring Group Orders

Some fundraising coordinators love the idea of recurring individual orders, but would like to retain the 50% profit. In order to do this, fundraising coordinators are welcome to take recurring orders from their customers, and then place orders with Terra Verde Organic Coffee.
Group leaders sometimes find it helpful to take orders on a subscription basis. Customers place a standing monthly order. The group leader places an order each month, then the order gets either delivered to the group leader or picked up, then delivered.

Terra Verde Fundraising Brochure 

Fundraiser Set Up Form

Available Products

We offer our most delicious and popular products to your organization. You can choose to have a private label that identifies your group or use our well recognized Terra Verde brand.

Items available:

  • Coffee Items (3/4lb bags):
  • French Roast Blend (Dark Roast)
  • Terra Verde Blend ( Medium)
  • Breakfast Club (Medium Dark)
  • Original House Blend (Medium)
  • Decaf House (Medium)

*More options available, just ask!