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100% Organic, Fair Trade Coffee.

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Amore Blend

Ripe berries, dark chocolate, & vanilla

Bali Kintamani

Ripe berry and cocoa

Black and Tan

Nutty Chocolate, caramel and sugar cane

Brazil Mogiano

Caramel, vanilla and roasted nuts

Breakfast Club

Dark chocolate, caramel, and nutty

Colombian Supremo

Milk chocolate, caramel, and bright notes

Decaf Espresso / Cafe Blend

Chocolaty, vanilla, and nutty

Decaf Ethiopian Sidamo

Tart berries, vanilla, and nutty

Decaf Honduran Maya

Cane juice, molasses, and chocolate

Espresso Blend

Caramel, cocoa, and plum notes

Ethiopian Sidamo

Cocoa, brown sugar, and dark berry

French Roast

Nutty, chocolate, and tropical fruit hints

Half Caff Blend

Fruity fragrance with sweet cane and chocolate

Honduran Comucap

Fruity, caramel, chocolate, and nutty

Honduran Maya Natural

Chocolate, raspberry, and sweet cane

Honduran Peaberry

Chocolate, caramel, raw sugar, and molasses

Java Island

Dark chocolate, cherry, and slight cinnamon

Lighthouse Blend

Peaches, honey, allspice, and citrus

Mexican Chiapas

Chocolaty, Fruity and light caramel

Moka Java Blend

Chocolate, ripe fruit, and slight citrus

Original House Blend

Caramel, fruity, and nutty

Papua New Guinea

Milk chocolate and wild berry

Sumatra Mandheling

Caramel, fruity, and citrus

Terra Verde Blend

Dark Chocolate, Caramel and Honeysuckle Sweet

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